AtoMik™ Platform


Production test equipment, a test fixture, is a complete system that tests, controls , measures and evaluates a device in accordance with a test specification. It includes hardware, mechanics and software and is built to last. A test fixture can be customized to handle many different specific and difficult requirement and needs. It is always developed with focus on quality on all levels.

At Mikrodust we want to take production test to the next level with our own AtoMik™ Platform. The test fixture development will be more standardised and modular but still have customisation to fit each device being tested. All the parts in the test fixture are included, from the smart instruments inside the fixture to the user interface for the operator in the production line.

"AtoMik™ - we bring quality to innovation”

Heart of AtoMik™ Platform?
Our Smart instruments

The goal for Mikrodust is to deliver test fixtures with high quality that are easy to use in production. Inside the fixtures we have Smart Instruments that we have designed and developed to handle all test cases needed in production. These instruments have a small size, 5*9 cm, and are embedded into the fixture to minimize the use of cables and space in the fixture.  

These instruments can on request be delivered calibrated according to ISO17025 standard by accredited test houses.

Customer Benefit

To assure product quality, testing in production is needed. Automated testing results in a larger test coverage and greater reliability than manual testing, and that leads to better and more robust products for our customers. It is important to find errors early in the production process to save time and money.  

If you develop the production test fixtures in parallel with the product development, it enables early testing of the product and in doing so increases the chance of finding critical issues earlier. This can, in the end, mean shorter time to market of the product.