AtoMik® Portal

Introducing the AtoMik®Portal

Access Your business-critical production data via the AtoMik®Portal. Gain real-time insights into your test status anywhere!

The cloud-connected AtoMik®Portal provides real-time test data for continuous improvement and early detection of bugs and errors. Solving issues before they become critical saves time and resources for improved time-to-market.

Optimize Your business process, from development to production! Share data with relevant stakeholders, and everyone involved views the exact data for informed decision-making.

AtoMik® Portal

A connected test fixture provides an essential competitive advantage for informed data-driven decisions. AtoMik®Portal allows access to real-time test data improving the production process and optimizing output.

Product owners, factories, and other stakeholders view data via Company Information Systems connected to the AtoMik®Portal dashboard tracking production yield and KPIs.

Shared data allows fast corrective action to deviations in test specifications and mechanical or test operator-related issues.

Optional Service-Level Agreement secure service staff is available to solve problems and perform maintenance, sustaining test operations.


Test fixtures used in production generate large amounts of data based on the agreed test specification. Having access to real-time test data is critical to maintaining your test operations.

The cloud-connected test fixture transfers the test data to the AtoMik® Portal, which is secured and protected.

Logging in to the AtoMik®Portal gives you access to the dashboard view. From here AtoMik®Analytics tools are available at your disposal. Analyzing your production data is simple—Yield and Pareto data at your fingertips.

Discover where you have any potential issues for fast corrective action to maximize production output. Modify and update the final production test sequence and limits instantaneously, ensuring product quality.

Do you have in-house analytics tools? No problem; data is transferred from AtoMik®Portal using 3rd party rest APIs.

"Quality Management made easy!"

"Always Connected - Anywhere"

In today's connected global world, having access to your business data is crucial!

AtoMik®Portal enables 24/7 test data from any location globally, connecting multiple EMS sites.

Product owners must ensure their products ramp up fast to mass production, and first-batch tests are critical to identifying any early failures or problems. Factory quality engineers ascertain that production yields are maintained to the predetermined KPIs. CFOs can upload data via an MES/ERP connection for financial reporting.

Signing an optional Service-Level Agreement with Mikodust provides maintenance, AtoMik® Instruments calibration, and software updates, guaranteeing test fixture longevity and uninterrupted operation.

"AtoMik® - we bring quality to innovation"