One-Stop-Shop Mikrodust

For Production Test


Modular & Easily optimized


Powerful and User friendly

One-Stop-Shop Mikrodust

For Production Test


Modular & Easily optimized


Powerful and User friendly

One-Stop-Shop for Production Test!

Mikrodust AtoMik® solution for Functional-Circuit-Test (FCT).

AtoMik®Instruments are off the shelf, shortening lead time from development to mass production quickly and easily. The compact form factor enables mounting inside the test fixture, increasing measurement reliability and reducing operator errors.

AtoMik®Analytics is connected, allowing 24/7 monitoring. Get production yield in real-time to identify and address any issues quickly, helping you increase your output and quality while reducing costs.

"AtoMik® - we bring quality to innovation"

Test Solutions for Production

Improve your business operation process from development to production.

AtoMik®Instruments enables shorter lead time and improves cost efficiency. Reduce time-to-market using a standardized, reusable solution ready for the next project.

AtoMik®Analytics is a comprehensive software solution providing real-time quality production data with 24/7 cloud-connected access. Set core KPIs, alarms, and events, ensuring uninterrupted production at the highest yield.

"AtoMik® - we bring quality to innovation"



Our range of Instruments is ready-made for production tests. The compact size (5x9cm) allows mounting inside your test fixture, minimizing measurement inaccuracy and operator errors. Re-use and shorten the lead time to the next project.

Dedicated Instruments, developed to cover all your measurement and programming needs. Write programming test sequences validation in Phyton through an easy API interface.

Need to test your radio solution? We have years of experience in radio testing for various standards.

"Mikrodust - Inventor of AtoMik®"


AtoMik® Analytics - Analyze your production data

Analyzing your production data is simple. Connected to the cloud ensures 24/7 access to real-time analysis at any production site globally. Set KPIs, alarms, and events.

Yield and Pareto data at your fingertips. Discover where you have any potential issues for fast corrective action to maximize production output. Modify and update the final production test sequence and limits instantaneously, ensuring absolute product quality.

Quality management made easy!


What is AtoMik®?

Mikrodust was established in 2011 and has grown with customers like Verisure, Panasonic, Crow Group, and others. Realizing that our customers faced challenges, often including various radio tests, we decided to develop a platform to solve these and improve the production test solution. AtoMik® is a platform that consists of Instruments and Analytics for setting up a high-quality and reliable production test environment.

What is AtoMik® Instruments?

AtoMik® Instruments are designed and developed for Functional Circuit Tests (FCT). The compact size (5x9cm) allows mounting inside the test fixture, minimizing measurement inaccuracy and operator errors. Re-use for the next project shortening lead-time from developement to production.

What is AtoMik® Analytics?

AtoMik® Analytics is cloud-connected, real-time analysis always available at every production site in the world. Set events, alarms, and KPIs. Keep tabs on the yield and Pareto statistics for potential problems. Modify and update the final production test limits and sequences instantly to guarantee the highest possible product quality.

What is included in the One-Stop-Shop offering?

A team of experienced and skilled engineers is at your service. We have all the capabilities in-house to design, develop and produce test fixtures for production tests, from hardware and software to mechanical engineering. Our focus is to develop high-quality production test equipment for our customers. Optimizing the DFT (Design-For-Test) process is our specialty.

What does Functional-Circuit-Test (FCT) mean?

Functional Circuit Test (FCT) is implemented to verify that a circuit or system is functioning correctly. The test is performed at the end of the manufacturing process. FCT applies a set of input signals to the device and measures the corresponding output signals to ensure that they match the specification. Any deviations aid in identifying any defects or malfunctions before they are delivered to customers.

Whats does Design-For-Testability (DFT) mean?

Design-for-testability (DFT) is a design process that entails building testability elements into a system or product from the beginning rather than adding them later. It makes testing during the development and production phases more cost-effective. Built-in self-test (BIST), and test points placement are some DFT techniques. Using these techniques decreases testing time and costs and increases the reliability of the system or product.


Regin AB

Manager and Change Leader

Regin partnered up with Mikrodust a few years ago when introducing wireless products that needed a new test system in production. This new test system is flexible with a cassette system making it possible to test different products efficiently in the same base unit. We have a very good experience in our cooperation with Mikrodust and value their expertise and accountability.

Mats Falk

Acconeer AB

Production Engineering

Mikrodust delivered a test solution for testing Acconeer products in production. Their expertise in testing helped us and we can recommend Mikrodust as a test fixture partner.

Lennart Moberg

Note Lund AB


Note Lund creates competitiveness for customers by delivering the right quality at the right time and at the right price. With world-class quality assurance tools, manufacturing methods and partners such as Mikrodust and their expertise in production test we ensure that customers know that we live up to our watchwords
“right from the start”.

Henrik Andersson