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Trends and challenges of testing wireless IoT products in high-volume production with shortened test fixture development lead-times and higher demands for efficient analysis of production data. 



Test fixture development often has low priority and happens at the end in a product development with its negative consequences for product launch, particularly if the product includes radios components. 

Mikrodust new AtoMik Platform fixture significantly reduce development lead-time by minimize mechanical, hardware and software customizations. This is achieved by an increased modular and standardized way of thinking and building fixtures by using embedded Smart Instruments and Smart RF Antennas/RF wirings if the product has radios. 

Via 24/7 connected test fixtures placed at different EMSs a product owner, an EMS quality department and a support maintenance department should always have the latest information about the production quality and early know if there are any production issues. With Mikrodust new AtoMik™ Portal this is achieved by focusing on always connected, simplicity, core KPIs such as Yield and Pareto, and the latest cloud technologies making analysis of production data fast, easy and efficient. 

By offering one-stop shop developing of test fixtures, having all expertise in-house with years of experience in customized test fixtures and by utilizing our new AtoMik Platform and AtoMik™ Portal to customers Mikrodust are ready to meet new trends and challenges.