NTF Mikrodust WE know testing

Nordic Test Forum (NTF)

At the Nordic Test Forum  (NTF) November 28 in Drammen Norway Rebecka Erntell and Niklas Gustafsson at Mikrodust presenter “Trends and challenges of testing wireless IoT products in high- volume production.” 

When we listen to other participants at the conference, we heard key worlds like space efficient, doing more with less and save production data forever for late analyze. Everybody talked about the high-volume low cost IoT devices that will be used. All this IoT devices need to be tested with high quality and low cost. 

We think that our test platform AtoMik could be a possible solution, it is space efficient, all instruments are designed inside the fixture, it will do more with less. We can easily test 4-16 devices in parallel, and we save all data in the AtoMik cloud forever if the customer wants. How to test IoT products, including radio, efficent with high quality is our expertice.