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Delivered hundreds of test fixtures

Mikrodust has delivered hundreds of test fixtures around the world, and we have tested millions of products. Our focus is to develop high quality production test equipment to our customers. With our latest test platform, AtoMik ™, we take production test to the next level with even better performance and modularity to meet the demand from our customers.

AtoMik™ - We bring quality to innovation


Mikrodust started in 2011 with the vision to sell programmable and pre-approved radio modules to alarm and metering companies. For a couple of years, we supplied radio modules, including a low-power variant.  

After request from customers, Mikrodust moved into the area of test fixtures for production test. We started to develop test fixtures based on standard solutions, but we quickly realized that we could improve production quality, time to market and cost efficiency by developing our own test platform.  

Mikrodust is now a team of skilled engineers within hardware, software and mechanical engineering with a passion for production test. We have all capabilities in-house to do design, development and production of test fixtures.  


Mats Iderup



Jessica Malmqvist
PMO Manager



Mats Lindoff
Chairman of the board




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