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Mikrodust - Inventor of AtoMik®

Since 2011 Mikrodust has delivered over 200 test fixtures and tested more than 50 000 000 products. The focus has been to develop high-quality production test equipment for our customers.

The 3rd generation AtoMik® solution pushes the envelope further. AtoMik®Platform and AtoMik®Portal delivers high-quality test fixtures with single or multi-DUT capabilities and remote 24/7 monitoring features.

One-Stop-Offering adds all the hardware, software, and mechanics needed to drastically decrease the development lead time from prototype to mass production.

AtoMik® - We bring quality to innovation

Company History

Mikrodust was founded in 2011 by Mats Iderup, who envisioned developing programmable and pre-approved radio modules for alarm and metering companies for the emerging IoT market.

After a customer request, Mikrodust moved into the area of test fixtures development for production tests. Initially, based on industry-standard solutions, customers started to require more advanced tests as the business progressed, many containing multiple radios.

The company entered the next phase when it discovered that significant improvements could be achieved by developing a test platform in-house. The AtoMik® solution was born, leading to increased reliability, shorter time-to-market, and cost efficiency.

Mikrodust is launching the third generation AtoMik® solution based on a platform architecture connected to a portal offering 24/7 access to real-time production test data.

Today Mikrodust employs 20+ people and is growing. The team has highly skilled hardware, software, and mechanical engineers, all passionate about solving your testing needs!

Are you passionate about production tests? Check our career page; we always seek talent to join our expanding team of professionals!

"AtoMik® - we bring quality to innovation"


Jessica Malmqvist

PMO Manager



Mats Iderup




Mats Lindoff

Chairman of the board



Noroz Akhlagi

Innovation and Growth Manager




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